Start to Change the Game.

It is amazing how many revolutionary ideas are left undeveloped because organizations or individuals do not have the capacity or the discipline to systematically work through the long processes that make Dreams Reality.

There is an interesting #TEDTalks segment on Why Start Ups Succeed by Bill Gross. In it he analyzes Start Up successes and failures across FIVE (5) Categories: The Idea. The Team/Execution. The Business Model. The Funding and The Timing. Interestingly enough, he found that of the businesses that succeeded, TIMING was the most important factor for their success, followed by The Idea and The Team. Insightful information. LIVE brings together all of these concepts. We work with our clients to design innovative strategy that aligns with their organizational objectives, drives sales and foster growth .


We build brands with razor-sharp strategy. We analyze the ins and outs of your industry and apply our digital expertise to design roadmaps for success.


Get realtime feedback and results with a pointed direct response program from LIVE. Work with our media planning team, design strategy and analyze the results to optimize sales performance and growth.


Understand your clients, your competitors and your business with a Research Program from LIVE. Learn about the needs, wants and motivations of your clients as you work to fine tune your product, marketing and sales strategy. Successful businesses the World over build solid strategy on research.


Our dynamic marketing team gets results. We apply a series of customized tactics to bring qualified traffic to your site and build relevant content that converts. Our Strategies include, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising & Online Public Relations.


Creating useful, valuable content should be a priority for your business, regardless of its industry. If you care about your audience, content marketing is the best way to show them. We create a marketing strategy for promoting your content, focusing on where your audience spends its time. We create quality, relevant, and useful content that is developed specifically for each audience and the social or promotional channel they are on.